A Big No to “Milk Life”

milk life

Due to the recent decline of cow’s milk sales, a campaign was launched entitled, “Milk Life.”

The campaign focuses on cow’s milk giving energy to people who drink it. Actually, the fact that cow’s milk has declined may have resulted from people finally seeing the truth behind how cows are treated.

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They’re poorly treated just because of the milk they produce. Gallons of milk is squeezed from cows and it doesn’t stop there. Females are always getting forced to give birth. Once they do, their children are taken away from them. Who would want that Amateur Allure coupon? The males aren’t treated any better because when they grow up, they get sold and get turned into beef. Yes, it’s truly sad that these animals are getting mistreated. Let’s hope that the decrease in cow’s milk sales would lead to the animals not getting treated poorly anymore. However, farmers have families to feed so it’s doubtful they would want that to happen.

It’s not fair that cows are treated like machines.

We’ve seen lots of humans complain when they’re treated terribly by their bosses. However, cows have no way of complaining but it’s easy to observe how tired they are. They’re not the type of animals who attack people so we have no reason to take advantage of what they bring to the table. It’s hurtful to think they’re put in cages while they wait their turn of getting milk extracted from them. Yes, there are organizations dedicated to helping these animals achieve a great future. However, that won’t nearly be enough because of how delicious beef tastes. In fact, a cow living a normal life can live up to 20 years. However, a cow used for milk purposes is considered useless when it turns 4 years old. By that time, they sold theĀ offer animal to butchers. It’s not fair to think what could have happened to the cows if they lived their life a little longer. Of course, that’s not possible thanks to the farmers.


It would be better to result in plant-based alternatives like soya milk and almond milk.

However, too much soya milk can result in arthritis even at an early age. Hence, you must watch your daily intake of plant-based milk even if they’re proven to be healthy. Yes, it would be better to say no to the “Milk Life” campaign. Let’s hope no famous personality would want to be a part of that. After all, being a part of that is basically the same as supporting the unfair treatment of cows.

The best way to let them know that what they’re doing is wrong is by opting for healthier options like almond milk and soya milk. Besides, theĀ Wow Porn almond milk contains 50% of the calories of cow’s milk. Also, when manufacturers of cow’s milk realize there isn’t any profit in doing it, it will only be a matter of time before they stop what they’re doing. Hence, it won’t be long before cows will get treated kindly again. They definitely deserve it as their very kind animals.